Scarlet SRF is an innovative skin treatment that combines radiofrequency (RF) with microneedling to restore aging skin! Traditional microneedling involves creating tiny punctures in the skin using micro-needles which causes the skin to start the healing process to stimulate collagen production. This helps with skin tightening and improvement of superficial appearance.

Scarlet SRF is an FDA approved treatment that intensifies the traditional microneedling process by incorporating radio-frequency energy. Microneedling helps with collagen production. By adding radiofrequency, it triggers even more collagen production and causes subdermal tissues to tighten and contract. Scarlet SRF combines microneedling with short-pulsed radiofrequency to target signs of aging by delivering bi-polar energy beneath the superficial layer of the skin in order to build collagen. It is a powerful, minimally invasive skin treatment that rejuvenates and lessens signs of aging by effectively tightening sagging skin, reducing wrinkles, improving texture and overall appearance. It also helps with scarring, stretch marks, and reducing pore size.

What areas can Scarlet SRF treat?

Scarlet SRF can treat a variety of areas such as face (including eye area), neck, chest, abdomen, scalp, inner thighs, arms and more! It is safe for all skin types and drastic results have been achieved for close to 10 years using Scarlet SRF.

How many sessions are needed?

To get optimal results, 3-4 treatments are usually recommended and they are spaced 1-3 months apart. Scarlet SRF has very minimal downtime; Redness and slight swelling is to be expected and goes away within a few hours to a couple of days at most. You should see improvement in firmness and texture a few days to a week after your treatment with continuous improvement over the span of 2-3 months. Results last around a year and sometimes longer!

Effective Treatment Results