Liftera Lifting is a non-invasive lifting and contouring treatment for the face, neck area. It’s the first Liftera™ treatment, using the original theory of Thermal Diffusion Treatment (TDT ™) Technology. The treatment theory is able to get various types of heat energy into the skin more effectively, and it is effective for strengthening of the skin such as face lifting, skin tightening.

Unlike conventional lifting techniques, Liftera Lifting is much less painful with immediate results, as well as better results in a month.

What is TDT?

Unlike general HIFU procedure, Liftera treatment irradiates at a certain depth in the skin by using at 10 Hz as faster velocity of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound without any damage of epidermis. It is the latest anti-aging technology to stimulate collagen by giving strong heat effect to dermal collagen fibre.


Liftera transducer is not only gives facial result, but also gives the best efficacy of dramatic body tightening. In case of temperature, when you irradiate subcutaneous fat area, Liftera transducer technology can irradiate above 65 °C thermal energy, therefore it can give good thermal effect on the subcutaneous fat area.